• Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of His Birth: The Art of Hayami Gyoshū

    This exhibition celebrates the 125th birthday of Hayami Gyoshū (1894-1935) and the first decade since the Yamatane Museum of Art moved to its present location in Hiroo, Shibuya City, Tokyo. To commemorate those significant junctures in our history, we are pleased to present an exhibition that offers an overall view of our Gyoshū collection, which is the “face” of our museum. The Yamatane’s founder, Yamazaki Taneji (1893-1983) was just a year older than Gyoshū, but Gyoshū died when merely forty years old without their being able to have direct interactions. Taneji, however, loved Gyoshū’s art with all his heart, collected his work whenever an opportunity presented itself, and enjoyed displaying