Impressionism—Light and Memory Monet,Gogh,Matisse,Picasso (in Kanagawa)

The Pola Museum of Art and the Hiroshima Museum of Art are pleased to present this joint exhibition: Impressionism—Light and Memory.
Both museums are highly esteemed in and outside Japan for their collections of French modern art assembled post-war.
The two collections contain works by painters prominent in the development of Western modern art, most notably their excellent body of paintings by the Impressionists.
This exhibition has selected 73 masterpieces from the collections of the museums— centered on French Impressionist landscapes but also including various other works by artists ranging from Delacroix and Corot to Picasso and Matisse—in order to explore themes including the importance of travel and memory for these nineteenth-century painters, their modern gaze on cities and waterscapes, and how impressions of landscapes or changes of transient light are captured in their expression of forms and colors. The museums have been undertaking constant scientific research on their collections, for instance on works by Vincent van Gogh. Through up-to-date optical investigation, backed by a close study of relevant documents, we have been able to recover paintings’ memories—the production processes and techniques encapsulated within. In the last chapter of the exhibition, these traces of memories are presented, so as to enable a new appreciation of the works.
To realize this exhibition, we have been contemplating its structure and the selection of works during several years of research into the collections of both museums involving a constant exchange of opinions. We hope this will open the way to a renewed appreciation in Japan of French Impressionist painting and a fuller understanding of the collections of the two museums.


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    1285 Kozukayama, Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, JAPAN
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    Adults 1,800yen(1,500yen)
    College and High school students 1,300yen(1,100yen)
    Senior(65 and over) 1,600yen(1,500yen)
    Junior high school students 700yen(500yen) *Admission free on Saturdays
    Disabled peoples 1,000yen

    *( ) reduced fees are available for groups of over 15 people

    For more details, visit the official site.

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    Open every day

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    09:00〜17:00 *Last entry 30 minutes before closing
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