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When we encounter something beautiful, we usually experience two kinds of reactions. One may be moved by learning the background of the work or the artist, while the other one is an emotional excitement we feel for no apparent reason. Inspired by this duality, Oki Sato, chief designer and founder of nendo, proposes to enjoy this collection of Japanese art from two different perspectives; an informative way for the left side of the brain, and a more intuitive approach for the right side of the brain. In other words, this exhibition can be enjoyed twice. While you learn new things about Japanese aesthetics, you can also learn a little bit about yourself. So, do you prefer information or inspiration?


  • Period

  • Venue

    Tokyo Midtown Galleria 3F, 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Admission

    Adults 1,300yen
    College and High school students 1,000yen

    *Elementary, junior high school students and under are free
    *With a certificate of disability, the admission fee of a disabled person and a care-giver will be waived

    For more details, visit the official site.

  • Closed days

    Open every day

  • Opening hours

    10:00〜18:00 *Open until 20:00 on April 28 to May 2, and May 5 *Open until 24:00 on May 25 due to "Roppongi Art Night" *Last admission: 30 minutes before closing
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