Shiga Lieko: Human Spring

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum will present a solo exhibition featuring “Human Spring”, the latest work by the contemporary photo artist SHIGA Lieko, who has attracted attention both in Japan and internationally for her series of work based on her own unique fieldwork. Spring marks the time when the world awakes from winter, it is the season of graduations, matriculation and that represent turning points in people’s lives, it is also a time that makes us aware of various historical events, such as the ‘Prague Spring’, the ‘Arab Spring’, the ‘Silent Spring’, that deals with environmental issues and the ‘Rite of Spring’ that expresses the grandeur and cruelty of life.
In addition, during the course of this exhibition, the Heisei period will come to an end on April 30, 2019, leaving us to face a new era. Throughout a career that has lasted over twenty-years, Shiga Lieko (born 1980) has dealt with the problem of the physical ‘spring’ that influences us, heart and mind; it has a deep connection with social systems and norms, and she realizes that it can provide a keyword to offer an overview of human history and the environment. As we approach the historic end of the Heisei period, she is creating a new work based on dialogues with numerous intellectuals and other relevant parties who live through the same times as her and her family.
We hope that this exhibition will allow us to reconsider the relationship that exists between society and the individual or between nature and humankind, as we share and re-explore the problems facing contemporary society.


  • Period

  • Venue

    The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
    Yebisu Garden Place, 1-13-3 Mita Meguro-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Admission

    Adults 700yen(560yen)
    College students 600yen(480yen)
    High School and Junior High School Students,Senior(65 and over) 500yen(400yen)

    ※ ( ) reduced fees are available for groups of over 20 people
    ※Free for elementary school students and under
    ※Visitors with physical disabilities admitted free with one accompanying adult (ID required).

    For more details, visit the official site.

  • Closed days

    Mondays (except on holidays, then closed on Tuesday)

  • Opening hours

    10:00〜18:00 ※Open until 21:00 every Thursday and Friday ※Last entry 30 minutes before closing
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