TADANOBU ASANO Exhibition: 3634

This is an exhibition of 700 sheets of drawings by an actor Tadanobu Asano, whose distinctive performance has been gaining more and more fascination recently. His drawings range from a kind of hard-rock, rough sketches, comics, American comics style to abstraction. What let him draw first was when he was in China in 2013. When he had a long and isolated waiting time during a shooting of a movie “The Wasted Time” (released in China in 2016). He started to draw with a ballpoint pen on a page of a film scenario, on the back of a shooting schedule sheet, a notepad with a hotel’s logo or a prescription bag. He has drawn for five years until now and still continues, and the number of his drawings are as numerous as 3640 sheets. Some of them are published on his SNS. You can try to let yourself swim in the sea of such enormous amount of drawings which can make you feel drowned. Then, somehow you can feel a trifle change of Asano’s sensitive mind and his intention. In other words, what makes a drawing interesting is that viewers also can follow a trajectory of the drawer’s idea. These drawings were born for killing time at shootings, which might have a role of strolling, to switch his mind. They may come to be a kind of automatism that surrealists came up with not to be conscious about beauty. In addition, the drawings remind of Andy Warhol in the 1960s creating pieces in the midst of exploding sound in the original Factory. Certainly Asano is not a professional drawer. However, when you catch a glimpse of one of the prominent artists in Japan in his drawings, they shall surprise you with the fact that actually we have freedom to go anywhere and give you a great courage.


  • Period

  • Venue

    3-7-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Admission

    Adults 1,000yen
    Students(under 25) 800yen
    Elementary and junior high school students 500yen
    Senior(70 and over) 700yen

    For more details, visit the official site.

  • Closed days

    Mondays (except on holidays)

  • Opening hours

    11:00〜19:00 ※Open until 21:00 every Wednesday
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