Cute and Funny Ukiyo-e

A wide variety of attractive figures and trends are depicted in ukiyo-e during the Edo period, such as beautiful courtesans, handsome actors and popular sights. However, more than 150 years since the Edo period, it may be quite difficult to appreciate ukiyo-e with the exact same feelings as the people of the time, even with preliminary knowledge. Then, how about looking at them from the viewpoint of the keywords “kawaii (cute)” and “okashii (funny)”? In ukiyo-e, there are many works of children and animals that we can intuitively react “kawaii!” There are also works depicting curious creatures and humorous scenes of people in slapstick comedies that are amusing to our eyes. Without being too occupied by facts, we may be able to experience a feeling, close to that of the people in the Edo period. We hope you enjoy the“kawaii” and “okashii” ukiyo-e with all your heart.


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