Rubens and the Birth of the Baroque

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) was one of the preeminent representatives of Baroque art flourished in Europe during the 17th century. Rubens and his studio pioneered a new style with a considerable number of paintings, and exerted a powerful influence on his contemporaries and artists of later generations. Rubens was also a skilled diplomat, who engaged in negotiations with royal courts throughout Europe.
exhibition focuses on Rubens’ relationship with Italy, where ancient and Renaissance art once thrived. Rome was also the center of Baroque art. Raised in Antwerp, Rubens became familiar with ancient culture as a child and had a special admiration for Italy. Beginning in 1600, he lived in the country intermittently for a period of eight years, and made great advances in his painting by studying the works he saw there. Along with Rubens’ own paintings, this exhibition presents ancient sculptures, and works by Italian artists from the 16th century and the Baroque era. While examining what Rubens learned from Italy, it will shed light on the artist’s ties to the Italian Baroque. This will be the largest display of Rubens’ art in recent years in Japan.


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